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Address:Luoyang Shenglong Xigong platinum International Plaza E building room 712 (Wangcheng Avenue and the northwest corner of the intersection of the road)

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Henan Zhongye Law Office (hereinafter referred to as the MCC lawyer) is a company approved by the Henan Provincial Department of justice established with modern office facilities of the partnership law firms, lawyers, lawyers, existing full-time internship assistant lawyer a total of more than 20, all have a university degree in law and legal occupation qualification, the Postgraduate Diploma 3. I have since the establishment of steady development, cast a certain scale and brand, in the community and the judiciary of Luoyang has a good reputation.
MCC lawyer's philosophy is: "democracy", "cooperation", "professional", "responsible for". The creation of the characteristics, quality, professional is our goal. The Ministry has already set up a civil and criminal department, real estate department, finance department, the securities department, non litigation department, team spirit and professional division of labor is MCC lawyers operating characteristics, MCC lawyers qualified lawyers will use their wisdom and sincere service to consultants and parties.
MCC lawyers lawyers in the long-term judicial practice, has formed its own unique style and is good at handling the business, can provide a full range of professional legal service for the customer, difficult cases, our lawyers collective discussion system, and according to customer needs and requirements of the case itself composed of lawyers, better for the benefit of our customers to provide strong legal guarantee. In addition to the general civil economy, criminal and administrative cases, but also good at handling real estate, construction, infrastructure, finance, securities, insurance, intellectual property, bidding, bankruptcy, merger, restructuring, equity transfer, lease financing, listed companies and other legal affairs. I am now in Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangzhou, Nanjing, Ji'nan, Changsha, Shenzhen, Xiamen, Hongkong, Macao and other law firms have formed a business alliance, Luoyang news media (TV, daily news, evening news, etc.) and I have a joint column, I have served as legal counsel well-known large and medium-sized enterprises in Luoyang city in recent hundred, by agents of the case in the news media published many times, and achieved good social effects.
Professional, efficient, high-quality, high-efficient is my service concept, "ex ante participation", "a matter of supervision", "remedial" is my lawyer as legal counsel to provide one-stop full legal service commitment, in the professional field of study, sincere cooperation, continuous innovation, with in-depth understand the sensitive grasp of the China economic policy, social trends and Chinese law, relying on the establishment of good relations of cooperation with enterprises, news media, industry associations, academic and administrative organs, judicial departments to provide legal services, technical excellence is exquisite, personalized for the customer, together with customers to develop and grow is our goal.
Address: Luoyang City Shenglong Xigong District platinum International Plaza E building room 712 (Wangcheng Avenue and the northwest corner of the intersection of the road)
Tel: 6482114864821116
Fax: 0379 - 64821148
Zip code: 471003

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